Americas Mart, Atlanta, GA
January 8 - 12, 2015

ACRE, Philadelphia, PA
February 14-16, 2015 Booth 513




Springtime Tallahassee
March 28,  9 am - 5 pm
Tallahassee, FL

Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival
May 2-3 Fernandina Beach, FL

Dunwoody Art Festival
May 9-10, Dunwoody, GA


Yellow Daisy Festival
September 9-10, Stone Mountain, GA

Arts in the Heart
September 18-20, Augusta, GA

Johns Creek Arts Festival
October 17-18, Johns Creek, GA

Christmas Made in the South
October 23-25, Charlotte, NC

Christmas Made in the South
October 30-November 1 Savannah, GA

Peter Anderson Festival
November 7-8, Ocean Springs, MS

Christmas Village Festival
November 4-8, Birmingham, AL

Christmas Made in the South
November 13-15, Columbus, GA

Christmas Made in the South
November 27-29, Jacksonville, FL


Sand Dollar Slide and Earrings

The Connie Bennett Collection of stained & dichroic glass jewelry, home accessories and more is designed by Connie Bennett to make you stand out. Each piece is hand-crafted and unique.

Because each piece is handmade, orders may take 4-6 weeks for delivery. Colors will vary in different light conditions. Photos of jewelry on this site are of actual pieces which serve as good representation of the styles and colors available. The piece you choose may be slightly different. The glass designs are original and very conversational! To view the complete collection, visit our Catalog.


Pieces are available in many stones and colors. This wearable art is easy to care for and keep clean. Just wash gently in warm, one-half sudsy ammonia & water using a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly.

Mirrors and vases should not be cleaned with ammonia. Use sudsy water only.


Small Xena Necklace

What makes us different.

Dichroic and stained glass jewelry and home accessories are unique and exciting. The unusual designs in combinations of stained, dichroic and fused glass will enhance your individuality. The jewelry is designed by Connie Bennett, hand crafted by artisans and are original works of wearable art. The pieces are cut, wrapped in copper and lead free silver toned solder is applied. All jewelry is available in both sterling silver plate and 24 carat gold plated finish. Each design is fully  copyrighted to protect the artist. Most pins can also be worn as a pendant.

Dichroic is a Greek word that means "two colors."   Dichroic glass transmits one color and reflects another color. What's so intriguing about the dichroic coating is that all light energy is either reflected or transmitted. The coating itself is colorless. Jewelry made from dichroic glass has such vibrant, bright, sparkling colors because the coating forms a crystal structure comprised of many layers, and the layers reflect different wavelengths of light which produces an iridescent effect, changing color as the pieces move in the light. Dichroic is the diamond of the glass jewelry.

Connie does custom designs, so please contact us with your individual needs

Flower Slide

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