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All rings are adjustable and available in any stone. To see stones go to
R114 ~ One Stone $28 - R215 ~ Two Stone - $30 ~ R316 ~ Three Stone $32 ~RL116 - Large One Stone ~ $32 ~ RBA2223 - Rings $46 ~ RBAW Large ring w/wire $46

Patch Ring
$46 RBAPC2223
Large Violet Ring
$46 RBAWVI2223
Lemon Yellow Ring
$46 RBALNYE2223
Large Oval Cobalt Ring
$46 RBAOVCO2223
Large Splash Ring w/wire
$46 RBAWSPL2223
Large Clear Frit Ring w/wire
$46 RBAWLVFT2223
Large Splash Ice Heart Ring
Large Lemon Gold Ring w/wire
$46 RBAWLMGO2223

Large Round Cobalt Ring
$46 RBARNCO2223
Cluster Ring
$52 RCLUSTER2426
3 Stone Ladder Ring
$46 R3LDR2223
Bar Ring
$48 RBAR2224
Gold Filagree Bloom Ring
Silver Filagree Bloom Ring
Oval Dia Filagree Ring
Round Stone Dia Filagree Ring
Round Stone Filagree Ring
$44 RFILRN2022
Oval Stone Filagree Ring
$48 RFILOV2224
Bike Chain Ring
$44 RBCHNRN2022
Square Splash Ring
$48 RSQSPL2224
3 Stone Burst Ring
$52 R3BRST2426
Burst Ring
$52 RBRST2426
Daisy Ring
$44 RL1DAISY2022
Flower Ring
$42 RFLR1921
Galaxy Ring
$46 RGALAXY2223
Blue Green Xena Ring
Xena Blue Ripple
5Stone Abstract Ladder Ring
$46 R5ABLDR2223
Large Butterfly Ring
$52 RLBFLY26
Ladybug Ring
$44 RLBUG22
Oblong Splash Ring
$32 RL1OBSPL16
Palm Tree Ring
$32 RPTREE16

Large Rectangle Blue
$34 RL1BLRP1617
Oval Opal Ring
$32 RL1OP16
Slump Patch 1 Stone
$28 R1PCSLP1
Orange Bloom Ring
$46 RBLOOM2223

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