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*Please note: Items are not shown actual size. Stained and fused glass loses its sparkle and depth in the photo process. Use your imagination to see the beautiful shimmer in the pieces. Since all pieces are handmade by artisans, no two are exactly the same. To see a larger image of the jewelry and the shopping cart, click on the item. All items are available in Gold or Silver finish. Vases and mirrors are available in small and large sizes. Many of the pins can be worn as a pendant on a chain or necklace.

Items can be ordered by PayPal. For payment by check or money order, use our retail order form. Orders may also be placed by telephone, email or fax.  To see a larger picture and place your order, click on the item. Use your browser's back arrow to return to the catalog page.

Please remember that each piece is individually made by the artist as the order is received. Please allow sufficient time to process the order and make the pieces. This usually takes 4-6 weeks. We sincerely hope that your shopping experience with the Connie Bennett Collection is enjoyable.  If you have any changes or corrections to your order, please notify us by Email, fax or telephone.

Customs designs can be created to your specifications. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with The Connie Bennett Collection.

All designs and photos are copyrighted to protect the artist. No designs or photos may be reproduced except with the artist's permission.

The Connie Bennett Collection
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