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XSMALL Lattice Wire Cuff 1/2" Wide

Small Lattice Wire Square Stone 1" Wide
$68 BSLWMX3234

Medium Lattice Wire Round Stone 1 1/2" Wide

Large Lattice Wire Bracelet 2" Wide
$84 BLWMX4042

Lattice Wire Oval Stone
$68 Small BSLWOVPRGD3234
$72 Medium BMLWOVPRGD3436
Large $80 BLWOVPRGD4042

Coral Reef Cuff
$72 BCCREEF3436
3 Stone Circles Bracelet
$68 B3CIRCLE34
Magnet Mesh Bracelet
$68 BMAG34

Lava Xena Wire Cuff

Xena Wire Wrap Cuff
$84 BCXENAWW4042

4 Stone Hinge Cuff Blue/Green
$72 BC4HINGE3436

6 Stone Hinge
$74 BC6HINGE35

Filagree Cuff Teal Cobalt Green
$72 BCDBLFIL3436

10 Stone Filagree Cuff
$74 BC10FIL3537

Red Triple Cuff Bracelet

7 Stone Nugget Cuff

Mediterranean Burst Bracelet

Mandarin Orange Burst Cuff Bracelet
$74 BCBRSTOG3537

Multi Stone Cuff
$74 BCMIA35

Medium Multi Stone Cuff
$76 BCMIAM36

Abstract Cuff Bracelet

Mixed 3 Stone Cuff
$68 BC3STNMX3234

Black Ice 3 Stone Cuff
$68 BC3STNBKIC3234

Blue Splash 3 Stone Cuff

Blue 5 Stone Cuff
$68 BC5BL3234

Leaf 3 Stone Cuff Bracelet
$72 BC3STNLF3436

Palm Tree Crescent 3 Stone Cuff
$72 BC3PALM3436

3 Stone Celestial Cuff
$72 BC3STNCEL3436

Green Ice 3 Stone Cuff
$68 BC3STNGRIC3234

3 Stone 3 petal Cuff
$68 BC3PETAL3234

7 Stone Swirl Cuff
$72 BC7STNSWL3436

Double 3 Stone Cuff
$72 BC3DBL3436

8 Stone Opal Cuff Bracelet
$72 BC8SWLOP3436

8 Stone Mixed Cuff Bracelet
$72 BC8SWLMX3436

Thin Cuff Patch
$64 BTBPCSLP3234
Thin Cuff Bracelet
$72 BTB5STN3436

Cluster Cuff

Flamingo Cuff Bracelet
$72 BCFL3436

Slump Patch Cuff Bracelet

Starfish Weave Cuff Bracelet

Ice Lava Wire Cuff
$64 BWLV3032

Patch Wire
$68 BWPC3234

Splash Wire Cuff
$64 BWSPL3032

Blue Ripple Wire Cuff
$64 BWBLGR3032

Emerald Sparkle Wire Cuff
$68 BW

Geometric Wire Cuff
 $68 BWGEOMED3234

Geometric Wire Cuff
$68 BWGEOTOM3234

Galaxy Wire Cuff
$68 BWGALAXY3234

Green Ice 3 Wire Cuff
$64 BWGRIC3032

Daisy Wire
$68 BWDAISY3234

3 Stone Filagree w/chain
$68 B3FILCHN3234
Blue Splash Diamond Filagree Mesh Bracelet
4 Stone Xena Bracelet
$72 B4XENAGR3436
Abstract Xena
Filagree Ball Chain Bracelet
Mesh Filagree Bracelet

Blue Green 9 Stone Bracelet
$68 B9BLGR3234

Pastel 9 Stone Bracelet
$68 B9PASTEL3234

Pink Frit 9 Stone Bracelet
$68 B9PKFT3234

 Rainbow 9 Stone Bracelet
$68 B9RAIN3234



Many other colors shown when you click
on the picture.


Lava Frit Yermin Bracelet
$72 BY3436

Green Reed Yermin Bracelet
$72 BY3436

Patch Yermin Bracelet
$72 BY3436


Red/ Gold Slump Yermin Bracelet
Slump Yermin Bracelet

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